6 months in..

It’s been almost 6 months since we opened and an awful lot has happened in this time, we have learnt so much and strived to improve in every area where necessary and I can honestly say it’s been a pure pleasure to serve so many lovely clients. Our goal was, from the very beginning, to ensure our customers received the best possible service, from the moment they stepped into our modest showroom, throughout their journey with us and most importantly the aftercare we provide to ensure all is well. We have achieved this and will continue to do so, as our business expands, we will look forward with great anticipation to the next half of the year and beyond, onwards & upwards, as they say! A massive ‘Thank you’ to all our wonderful customers, who have truly been generous enough to put their trust in us, even though we were a brand new business, this did not deter them, we have delivered exactly what they have requested and more!

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