Loving it!

It appears that not only do our customers want a revamp of their kitchen, they are also hungry for ideas on how to totally update and transform their tired and much used hub of the home, from cabinetry, to work surfaces, down to the floor and up to the lighting, I am thoroughly enjoying putting their ideas along with my own, straight onto a mood board, where we can achieve a birds eye view of just how easily a makeover can happen, whilst still retaining a stronghold on the purse strings and the best thing of all, no need to venture far from our own county, why travel when we have such a fabulous array of local businesses, all ready and eager to offer a wide selection of tiles, fabrics and appliances.

Fourth week already!

How time flys when you’re having fun! Forth week already, it’s crazy how the weeks just disappear and merge into each other, we love being busy! It’s such a pleasure to be able to help lovely people with their kitchen makeovers, whilst all the while achieving such positive praise for our exciting new business. Thank you everyone!

Into week three!

Well after a good first week we went into our second week and had so many lovely comments and a fantastic response to our business! Thank you to everyone for supporting us and helping to spread the word, lets hope the third week is as good as the first two!

We are incredibly excited to be able to offer a superb kitchen upgrade, without all the mess and hassle, within a day or two, you will have your dream kitchen and yet retain a healthy bank balance!